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Sierra Blair-Coyle - Professional Rock climber

28. August 2014

Sierra Blair-Coyle embodies beauty and success in sports. As a member of the Professional Rock Climber Team USA she's always searching for the next challenge. Read more about her amazing career and why an active life is so much fun.   

Hey Sierra. First of all please introduce yourself to our readers... 

Hi! I’m Sierra Blair-Coyle. I’m a 20 year old rock climber and University student majoring in marketing with a concentration in digital and integrated marketing communications. I am a junior at Arizona State University and I love climbing!

 Why did you start climbing? Did you have a special experience?

One day I was at an outdoor shopping mall in Arizona. They had a climbing wall there and I wanted to try it. The minute I got on the wall I fell in love with climbing!   

What was the first thing you ever climbed? 

The first thing I ever climbed was climbing out of my crib as a baby! After that I guess it was the outdoor climbing wall at the mall.   

Is there a special moment in your climbing career that you remember? What was the most challenging thing you ever climbed? 

My favorite moment in climbing is the first time I made finals at a professional bouldering competition. I was so excited! The most challenging thing I’ve climbed is probably "The Pearl" in Red Rocks, that thing is a beast! It’s not the most difficult rated climb, but every time I try it I never get it on my first attempt.     

Which goals/outlooks inspire you and what gives you the confidence to reach them?

I would like to help climbing become a more mainstream sport. I would love to introduce climbing to as many people as possible, it is such a great activity that I think almost everyone can enjoy.

I have always believed and still believe that you can accomplish your goals/dreams with hard work.

Please tell us a funny story from your earlier years in climbing.

When I was 10 years old I used to wear shorts that said “Climb Tuff” on them and a shirt that said, “I love climber boys!” My mom made them for me.    

It seems that your family is very supportive.  How do they support you and which role does each of them play in your life? 

My family is amazing! They are incredibly supportive of my climbing as well as all aspects of my life. My mom is my strength coach and nutritionist. My dad is my climbing coach. My sister is not directly involved in my training, but she’s always around cheering me and encouraging me.   

In other interviews, you often mention that you feel like it is possible to accomplish anything with hard work and dedication. Did you ever feel differently? 

I have always believed and still believe that you can accomplish your goals/dreams with hard work. Sometimes the path to get there has a few twists and turns and bumps in the road but you will get there.


Do you agree with fitogram´s motto: “Cause movement is life”? What means movement to you? 

Yes I agree with fitogram’s motto! Movement to me means just getting up and being active and doing what you love. It means enjoying life to the fullest.   

How do you train to keep your body in such a good shape and make it strong for competition? 

I train 5 days per week. I train 3 days on 1 day off. My first 2 days I strength train in the morning for 1 hour and climb at night for 2-3 hours. My third day on I climb only. I stretch before and after my workouts. I also eat a healthy diet of veggies, lean meats and fruit.  

Which other kind of sports/which athlete impresses you? 

This is a hard question because I know how hard it is to train for every sport. The athletes in any sport that impress me the most are the ones that work the hardest and the ones having the most fun.   

Did you ever have any accident or injury that kept you from doing your sport? 

I’ve had several sprained ankles that were not too serious. My most severe injury was a bulging, torn and herniated disc. This injury didn’t keep me completely from climbing, but it did hamper my training and life for about a year. I could not do some everyday things such as driving, sitting in school or walking for even a brief amount of time. I would have to lie down as much as possible to somewhat lessen the pain and possibly enable myself to climb that night.   

Do you have any passion beside sports? 

I love reading! I am a reading fanatic. Right now I am into mysteries and romance.   

The last word is yours… 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this interview, and I hope you have a sport or activity you love as much as I love climbing!!!   

Thank you very much for the interview Sierra! 

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